The September HOG LOG is here for reading!
Protected: Sunday’s Idyllwild Lunch Ride Maps are available!
September 14, 2017
The NAPA – Overnighter FIVE DAY – RAIN OR SHINE Maps are here!
October 2, 2017

The September HOG LOG is here for reading!

The September HOG LOG is HOT off the danged presses so put on yer readers and lets go! Remember Bikers…Your HOG Log always jammed full with up to date news and information on your Orange Coast H.O.G. Chapter!

The September Member(s) of the Month is our own HOG-Officer / Treasurer Sam Proko! Sit down and read up on Sam, his wife, job, riding life and his favorite rides.

The September articles start out with our Director-man Craig Shelby filling in all the details on the Temecula ride. Next up long time contributor and great write Vic Lindsey talks about Big Bear! Then Susan Emery also a great writer and contributor will fill y’all in on Idylld! But don’t stop a readin’ because Mr Shelby knocks out his Director’s Message column which is always a good read. Now our Assistant Director, Mel Fonseca’s does his own bit and he takes time to go out of his way and talk on the upcoming NAPA Valley 5-day ride. Mel offers some great information here so be sure to take some time and read it all the way! September delivers 26 Birthdays! Lastly, don’t forget to check out the pin-board with loads of awesome stuff for sale and calendar of events in the back.

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