OCHOG Photo Contest Rules
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March 19, 2014
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March 24, 2014

OCHOG Photo Contest Rules

Here are the rules for the photo contest that was mentioned at the February 20th Chapter Meeting.

This contest is open to all OCHOG Members except the OCHOG Chapter Photographer and Primary Officers and their significant others.

  1. Officers, Road Captains and their significant others can participate, however must not vote on months in which they or their significant others submit photos.

Submission of Photos:

  1. All photos shall be submitted by email to photos@ochog.org
  2. Subject Line should say “Photo Contest”
  3. A maximum of 5 photos can be submitted for the contest in any given period.

Deadline for Submission

  1. The deadline for submission is the 10th day of the month, no exceptions.
  2. A multi-day trip that spans 2 months shall be part of the month it starts in unless there are more than 2 days in the following month. It will then be considered a trip in the following month.
  3. Contest Deadline and Rules shall be posted on the OCHOG Chapter web site.


  1. 1st Prize: Free certificate for dinner at a OCHOG Chapter Meeting and 10 free raffle tickets.
  2. Two Runners Up – 10 free raffle tickets each.
  3. Prizes will be awarded at the Chapter Meeting following the Deadline.
  4. Winner and Runner-Up photos will be featured in the HOG LOG and displayed during the Chapter Meeting slide shows.


  1. To be considered, pictures must show one or more members and/or a Harley Davidson Motorcycle participating on a OCHOG or Orange County Harley Davidson sponsored activity during the previous month.
  2. OCHOG Photographer will recommend to the Chapter Officers the top photos from each contestant.
  3. Officers shall vote on the winner and runners up at the Officers meeting next following the deadline for that period.
  4. In case of a tie the OCHOG Photographer shall have the tie breaking vote.

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