This page is a list of the volunteers that make this chapter’s existence and continued operation possible. It consists of the Primary Officers, Chapter Staff, and Road Captains. You can contact the officers using the Contact Us page.

Primary Officers

Craig Shelby
Assistant Director
Mel Fonseca
June Russel
Sam Proko

Chapter Staff

John JD Devine-ActivitiesOfficer Activities Officer
John JD Devine

Editor-Michael Greco HOG LOG Editor
Michael Greco
Roger Allen Head Road Captain & Safety Officer
Roger Allen
Ladies of Harley
Mac Devine
Mark Morales
Carol Appelt
Webmaster, Social Media Advocate
Gary Bergo

Road Captains

Head Road Captian
Roger Allen
Roger Allen
Ron Allen Ron Allen-RC
Carol Appelt Carol Appelt
Ron Browning Ron Browning
Steve Burke Steve Burke
Mel Fonseca 2015-Mel_RC
Jim Keagy Jim Keagy
Eric Monroe Eric Monroe
Chris Mosher 20160220-RC-ChrisMosher
Mike Norton Mike Norton-RC
Mike Reedy Mike Reedy
Craig Shelby Craig Shelby
Lee Slajer Lee Slajer
Linda Slajer Linda Slajer
Mark Tacea 201508-MarkTacea-RC